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Merry Gear Solid 2

2010-02-12 09:58:09 by BinbagMcGraw

Just making a post to show off my last (and first, let's be honest) big project.

Merry Gear Solid 2

Made by that lovable scamp Mr Podunkian, of The Underside fame, Merry Gear Solid 2 is a Christmas-based parody of, what else, Metal Gear Solid. It's tons of fun and rather hilarious. I contributed most of the soundtrack, taxed with keeping the MGS sound, but making it Christmassy too.

The whole soundtrack is available for download in high quality right here and by right here I mean you have to click this hyperlink.

Anyway, in other news I will be submitting audio like a deranged dog with an upload fixation. By which I mean rather frequently.

I Had No Idea You Could Do Blog-Type News Posts

2010-02-10 19:54:19 by BinbagMcGraw

Until now, that is.

I've known about and visited Newgrounds for years now, possibly since it began, but this is the first time I've really explored what its users can do, and it's pretty nice.

Oh yeah, that's it, by the way, that's all this post is about. Aren't you glad you read it now?

I hope to make more audio submissions until the end of time, and maybe get involved in a project or two. My musicianship abilities are ok just now, but I really want to learn how to make it all sound really excellent, so feel free to send me a 5 page essay meticulously detailing everything that's wrong with me, my personal life, my friends, my fashion sense, but more importantly, my music. Ta.